What is Cholesterol Test Fasting ?

According to the American Heart Association, it is recommended that every individual above the age of 20 years should undergo cholesterol test every 5 years. As a preparation for this test, the patient has to undergo 14 hours of fasting before the test. This article tries to gain further understanding on cholesterol test fasting.

How to Carry Out Cholesterol Test Fasting ?

  • Depending upon the age group, the duration of fasting varies. The doctor should be consulted in this regard.
  • Certain instructions can be received from the doctor to stop some medications well before the day of testing.
  • If the individual is fasting for more than 2 hours, the time of test should be scheduled early in the morning.
  • This can allow the person to stop eating at dusk and take the test after waking up the next morning.
  • Attention should be paid to the foods eaten weeks prior to the test. Foods to avoid are eggs, red meat and carbohydrates.
  • Change of diet in a big way before the test is also not advisable as the doctor will be analyzing the test results based on the routine diet.
  • Drinking water is allowed and is essential to the body. One can drink water irrespective of the duration of fasting.
  • It is required to inform the lab assistant if there were any discrepencies during the fasting like eating of any snacks by mistake.

Why Cholesterol Test Fasting is Required ?

Total cholesterol level is the sum of three forms of fat. They are HDL, LDL and triglycerides. The accuracy of the forms HDL and triglycerides does not get changed by eating food. But the level of LDL is sensitive to the food consumed. To know precisely the level of LDL, it is required to fast prior to the lipid test. The accuracy and benefits of the information about cholesterol level are less if the test is carried out without fasting.

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