What are the Health Conditions that Cause High Cholesterol ?

Awareness about high cholesterol levels in the blood is rising in the society. People are getting increasingly involved in different kinds of physical activities. But there are certain health conditions that cause high cholesterol levels in the body. This article tries to gain further insight on some of these health conditions.

What are the Health Conditions that Cause High Cholesterol ?

Heart Ailments:

There are different kinds of complications associated with heart. All these problems arise primarily because of the accumulation of a substance called plaque in the walls of arteries and veins of heart. Plaque in simple language is cell debris which blocks the flow of oxygen rich blood in and out of heart. High cholesterol levels in the blood hasten the process by which plaque gets accumulated in the pathways of heart.


Presence of high cholesterol causes excess fat in the body leading to obesity. The body in such a state does not get the opportunity to burn the fat cells. Its storage above a certain limit poses threat to the body in more than one way.

Type 2 Diabetes:

According to a research study carried out in February 2007, researchers from Canada’s Vancouver Child and Family Research Institute, the University of British Columbia, found out a possible link between cholesterol and Type 2 Diabetes. The results of their findings were published in the online journal Nature Medicine. Patients suffering from this disorder have high glucose levels in the body. To bring normalcy, the organ pancreas produces insulin. But the insulin produced by diabetic patients is not recognised by the body. The study found out that high cholesterol levels in the blood can lead to less production of beta cells of pancreas. The hormone insulin is produced by these beta cells.

Since this disorder was declared as an epidemic last year (2009) in the United States, it ranks high among the health conditions that cause high cholesterol along with obesity.

Genetic disorders like Dsylipidemia: It is a type of genetic disorder where the body abnormally produces high levels of bad LDL cholesterol and Triglycerides and low levels of good HDL cholesterol.

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