How High Cholesterol and Heart Disease are Related ?

Heart disease is the single largest cause of death in the United States. In 2007, it was estimated that this condition took the life of one individual in this country every 34 seconds. The single most cause of heart disease is the rise of a waxy substance called cholesterol in our blood. This article tries to understand how high cholesterol and heart disease are related.

How High Cholesterol and Heart Disease are Related ?

Heart is the organ which supplies oxygen rich blood to the entire body. Used up blood from all corners of the body reaches this organ via pathways called veins. The blood is made rich in oxygen and pumped back to body through other pathways called arteries. These pathways are tube like structures. When cholesterol level rises in the body, these pathways begin to shrink because of accumulation of cell debris called plaque.

As these debris become harder, less amount of blood flows through and from the heart. The organ has to work harder to pump blood to the cells, tissues and organs. As heart begins to get exhausted and strained, the complications begin to arise. Couple of these conditions are chest pain (technically called Angina) caused by exhaustion of heart and irregular beating of heart. When the arteries and veins are completely closed, heart fails in performing its basic task and the fatal condition called heart attack takes place.

High cholesterol levels in the body imply high levels of two of its forms and low levels of its third form. LDL, HDL and Triglycerides are the three forms of cholesterol fat. LDL is called bad cholesterol commonly as its increased levels causes formation of more plaque. High levels of Triglycerides is also harmful for the well-being of heart. It is a potent indicator of heart disease and leads to the fatal condition of brain called Stroke. HDL is called good cholesterol because it removes the plaque from the arteries and veins, reducing the complications of a heart disease.

Awareness about high cholesterol and heart disease can equip us to deal with this primary health issue in a better way.

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