How a Cholesterol Test Kit Works ?

According to the recommendations of the American Heart Association, everybody above the age of 20 years should undergo cholesterol level check. This test, known as the lipid profile, should be carried out every 5 years. A cholesterol level of 240mg/dL and above is considered dangerously high. A cholesterol test kit can provide information on our fat levels in blood. It was approved for public use in 1993. This article tries to gain further understanding of this device.

How a Cholesterol Test Kit Works ?

This device requires a single drop of blood to provide results. The blood drop is placed on a test strip. Then the chemical ingredients of the strip interact with the blood sample and the color of the strip changes. There are already some pre-defined colors to indicate different levels of cholesterol ranging from 150 mg/dL – 300 mg/dL. The kit compares the color change in the test strip with the reference colors and indicates the cholesterol level. It takes nearly 3 minutes for the process to be over completely.

Total cholesterol in the blood is the sum of all the three forms of this fat. They are LDL, HDL and Triglycerides. Earlier devices used to measure only the total cholesterol. Information on other forms of this fat is also important these days as people are generally aware of the roles of these fats in the body. LDL and Triglycerides increase the risk of heart disease by blocking the pathways of the heart. HDL is called good cholesterol as it clears these pathways and reduces the risk. Of late, a cholesterol test kit can be used to get information on all the three types of fat.

Advantages of a New Home Cholesterol Test Kit:

  • The test can conducted in the privacy and convenience of our home.
  • The kit is simple, user friendly and cost effective.
  • It requires no supervision of the doctor and we can save the fee we need to pay for a visit to the doctor.

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