What is the Biggest Cholesterol and Heart Disease Myth ?

Heart disease related deaths remain the single largest cause of deaths in the United States. A word that goes hand in hand along with heart ailments is cholesterol. As people are trying to become more health conscious to battle early heart diseases, there are several facts and cholesterol and heart disease myth to hear. This article tries to gain further understanding on this topic.

What is the Biggest Cholesterol and Heart Disease Myth ?

Cholesterol is out and out considered as a poison by many. The belief originates from the fact that this word and heart diseases have almost become synonymous. But a little research on cholesterol can reveal its benefits as well. For that to happen, this substance should be well within its pre-defined range in humans. Our body needs this waxy fat as a major source of energy in order to carry out different metabolic activities, starting the production of bile acids of liver and different hormones.

When two of its forms, namely Triglycerides and the LDL are in high levels and another form HDL is in low levels, the risk of heart diseases is high. These three forms of this substance together are defined as the total cholesterol level in the blood.

How Important is Awareness about Cholesterol and Heart Disease Myth ?

The general perception is that one can start worrying about cholesterol level after the age of 45 years. But the American Heart Assocition recommends all the people above the age of 20 years to check their cholesterol levels. This should be periodically done after every 5 years.

Cholesterol levels can rise not because of any serious condition or state. Generally all the causes of high cholesterol levels are related to poor choices in our life style. They include smoking, drinking, lack of exercise and eating high carbohydrate foods, primarily.

High cholesterol level is in itself not a dangerous state. It only indicates high levels of risk for getting heart ailments.

Though anti-cholesterol drugs are prescribed in millions, they are found by the research studies to cause cancer.

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