What is High Cholesterol ?

The theory explaining the mechanism by which heart diseases are caused was proposed in 1850s. This theory is known as Lipid hypothesis. It was first proposed in this theory that there exists a connection between high cholesterol levels in the blood and heart diseases. This article tries to seek answer to the question what is high cholesterol.

What is High Cholesterol ?

Total cholesterol level in the body is sum of the three forms of cholesterol namely HDL, LDL, and VLDL. High cholesterol levels in the body means that the presence of good cholesterol HDL is low and the bad cholesterol LDL is in higher percentage in the blood. This states leads to accumalation of more cell debris or plaque in the pathways of heart.

As a result, heart works harder to pump oxygen rich blood to the entire body. When it gets exhausted, it results in chest pain called Angina technically. It also causes abnormality in the beating of organ.

When the plaque completely closes the pathways arteries and veins, fatal condition called heart attack is caused. In the case of brain, when its pathways are blocked through which oxygen rich blood and glucose are supplied, it results in stroke.

It is for these above reasons, that the American Heart Association recommends to test cholesterol levels in the blood for people aged 20 years and above once in every 5 years.

Unfortunately there are no symptoms as such for high levels of cholesterol in the blood. Only a test known as “Lipid Panel” can provide us with the information about the levels of different forms of cholesterol in our blood.

High cholesterol in the blood is more of a life style problem. Consumption of fast foods and soft drinks, sedantary life style and stress all add up to the rise in cholesterol levels. Knowledge about questions like what is high cholesterol can motivate us to adopt a healthier life style.

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