Prevention and Treatment of High Cholesterol

Obesity, smoking, drinking, sedentary life, consumption of diet high in carbohydrates, genetic disorders and certain drugs and ailments are the causes of high cholesterol levels in the blood. This article focuses on the prevention and treatment of high cholesterol.

How Our Life Style is Associated with Prevention and Treatment of High Cholesterol ?

Except genetic disorders and side effects of certain drugs, most of the high cholesterol causes are related to our lifestyle. They originate the moment we start taking our body for granted. If we include self-discipline and awareness about general well-being, most of these causes can get addressed on time. Obesity in the recent times has to do with excess consumption of eating fast foods and soft drinks as they are cheap, tasty and easily available.

Smoking is a prevalent bad habit in our society along with alcoholism. Teenagers and young people are increasingly getting used to leading a sedentary lifestyle. High carbohydrate food also raises the levels of triglycerides in our blood.

Techniques for Prevention and Treatment of High Cholesterol:

  • It is more of a strong mental resolve to lead a healthy lifestyle which is imperative.
  • Giving up bad habits like smoking and drinking is a must.
  • Physical activity either in the form of jogging or workout at gym or practising of martial arts is very productive.
  • Including fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet is beneficial.
  • Regular check of health of all the family members should be a norm. The American Heart Association recommends checking cholesterol levels for people as young as 20 years.
  • Avoiding anti-cholesterol drugs is the best option to stay away from the avoidable side effects of these drugs. Some research studies have found that these drugs cause cancer.
  • Trying the time-tested home remedies for treating cholesterol can be cost effective as well.

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